Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Self Introduction & Module 1 Requirements


My name is Lainey Frederickson and I am absolutely thrilled to be in the Education program at the UofL. I've been at the Univeristy of Lethbridge for four years and have a few more years to go before I completely finish my degree. I'm am also currently using my fourth year of elegibility swimming for the ProngHorn swim team. The varsity swim team is one of the main reasons why I chose Lethbridge when I finished highschool, the Education Program is a HUGE bonus! I was born and raised in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia; a small town in a busy valley that thrives on tourism year-round. I'm the oldest of three children. I have both a younger sister and brother. My mom and dad own their own business, my sister goes to the University of Calgary, and my brother is currently in grade 11 after returning from a year long Rotary exchange in Brasil. I believe I am extremely fortunate to be raised in a small community and I plan on eventually returning one day to live, work, and raise a family of my own.

This was my first ever experience 'blogging'. And, in all honest truth, I'm not exactly sure what I think of the entire process yet. When it comes to pen and paper... I'm absolutely horrible at keeping a journal. It's one of my goals every year, to write a journal, I go and buy a new book and a nice pen, and then I just don't do it. I can't commit to writing in something everyday when I have what feels like a million other things to do. So, I'm hoping this assigned blog will be a huge learning experience for me. And, maybe it will make me more interested in and more able to write in a journal daily (or weekly). I hadn't ever considered the use of blogs in the classroom until reading the posted articles for this assignment. I think it's an absolutely incredible idea and hope that, if I acquire enough experience with blogs, I can someday use them in a classroom of my own. I really like the idea of class discussions, poetry/essay postings, and group projects. But, I can also see a few drawbacks. In smaller communities, not everyone has a computer or internet at home and small schools with little funding don't have enough computer access for every student within classes. And, in some households, parents don't have the skills to communicate via computers and blogs with and to teachers. It would take some clever problem solving to address and resolve issues pertaining to both computer shortages and lack of parental involvement. All in all, I think blogging in the classroom is an amazing new idea for education programs. Although it may have one or two pitfalls along the way, I think it's anticipated permanence in future classrooms will get teachers and students excited about work in the classroom and encourage them to think outside to box!


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