Thursday, September 29, 2005

Module 3: Searching The Internet & Backing It Up

Title Of Activity: Finding Our Landmarks!

Reference Section:
City Of Lethbridge. (2004.) City of Lethbridge: Landmarks. Retrieved September 28, 2005, from,

Grade Level: 1

Subject: Social Studies

Brief Description of Activity: Groups of two students will go to the website where they will find pictures of local landmarks for Lethbridge. The website students will visit is: (But, because the students are in grade one and because the URL for this website is so long (and errors may occur in typing), students will open their internet browser, click on ‘favorites’ and then on the ‘favorite link’ labeled: Lethbridge Landmarks.) There, students will be able to discuss whether or not they recognize landmarks familiar to the city of Lethbridge. Students will be encouraged to click on the highlighted link below each picture for more and varied pictures of each landmark.

General Learner Outcome: Students will distinguish geographical features and landmarks to enhance sense of belonging.

Specific Learner Outcome: Students will discuss and be able to recognize familiar landmarks in and around the city of Lethbridge.

ICT Outcomes:
P.5.1.2: Access hyperlinked sites on intranet or internet.
C.4.1.1: Follow a plan to complete an inquiry.
C.7.1.1: Draw conclusions from organized information.

Rationale for Computer Integration: Computers have been integrated into this lesson so students have choices about the order in which they’d like to explore the local landmarks. I think that if students see something they recognize, they’ll choose that picture first. Therefore, using a website gives them the freedom to do so. If I had presented these with an overhead projector, students would not be given the choice to explore on their own at their own pace; a project would be my pace. Second, using the City of Lethbridge website allows for a wide variety of pictures to be viewed, much more selection than a book or a brochure about Lethbridge’s local landmarks.


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