Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Module 2: Technology Integration Part 2

Related (specific) Technology Outcome being integrated: C.2.4.1 Consult a wide variety of sources that reflect varied viewpoints on particular topics.

Subject: Health Education (In British Columbia, we have CAPP- Career and Personal Planning. I'm not sure what the equivilant class is in Alberta.)

Grade: 12

Description: This techonoly outcome requires students in division four to seek alternative viewpoints using information technologies. I think, that in a Health Education class, this would be an excellent opportunity for students to explore and educate themselves and others about abortion and pro-life options.

Background: Students have already been made aware of alternatives to sex and safe-sex options. They are now learning about pregnany and their options with regards to continuing/not continuing pregnancy (adoption, abortion).

Task: Grade 12 students will be asked to use the internet to research both positive and negative opinions/viewpoints regarding abortion. Students must find four different resources for each viewpoint (eight resources in total). Four (two for positive and two for negative) of the eight resources should be credible resources (ie- government websites, health websites, online journal articles). After students have fully researched both positive and negative viewpoints/opinions concerning abortion, they will make a PowerPoint presentation to present the class with their findings. PowerPoint presentations should present both abortion and pro-life opinions making sure no biases to one or the other are present. (The purpose of this PowerPoint assignment is not to take sides or debate the issue, but to educate and raise awareness about different options.) As a final slide in their PowerPoint presentation, students will make a 'Resources' page/slide to depict websites used for their pressentation.

By creating an informative PowerPoint on different abortion opinions/viewpoints, students can effectively exhibit that they've consulted a wide variety of resources that reflect varied viewpoints on particular topics.


Blogger Jeff Meadows said...


Wow - this is a very powerful activity (not to mention controversial). That is not to say that it is bad, just one that you would need to do some educating of parents and administration about. Framed in the proper setting, this could be an amazing vehicle to create awareness and understanding for different viewpoints.

The flipside of that would be that without the support of parents and administration this could create a very messy situation. Not everyone wants their daughter or son to empathise with or understand alternate viewpoints and you would need to provide an "out" for those families who were not comfortable with this.

it is also important to get into the Alberta curriculum and find the curriculum connection for this type of activity. I read that you are from B.C. (which is great), but you are going to be teaching in Alberta schools during your practicum.

Well done.

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